Week 9 {365 Project}

Week 9 was a big one around here with Halloween being a highly anticipated holiday for our little family.  We did a lot of preparation and had our annual Halloween bash complete with a soaking wet haunted trail, and so many great friends celebrating together. I also went on a lovely hike with a friend and our combined 5 little girls, and my littlest went swimming in a pool for the first time {albeit apprehensively}.  Week 9, you rocked!

Day 56 | 365 … It was a long night, an exhausting morning, and luckily a pick me up of an afternoon. We drank coffee, hiked an unplanned couple of miles, talked, and the big girls ended the afternoon with a good game of pretending they’re monkeys swinging on the tree. 🐒
Day 57 | 365 — First time swimming in a pool {the same pool that essentially started my labor with her} … it took a bit of persuasion but she loved it.
Day 58 | 365 … Today was an errand day. SO many errands. But she had the right idea and took a moment to smell just about every flower there, closing her eyes and saying ‘ahhh’ each time. Oh what our kids can teach us. 💙
Day 59 | 365 … Pumpkin seeds roasted, check. Decorations out for our annual haunted trail, check. Scary doll my girl is cuddling … umm, check. She decided to take a ghoul under her wing, reassure the creature she won’t let it go in the rain, and name her “Madine” … kind of creepy but I’ll roll with it, kid. 👻
Day 60 | 365 … Today we had costume parades and haunted markets with her unplanned yet necessary princess Anna dress. On the way to the latter she was looking out the window and asked to get out to check for a fawn and doe we often see sipping here on the way home. I obliged {secretly hoping she’d stay here longer and forget about market trick or treating} and it was pure magic, just us and the fog. When we left I asked her what she kept looking up at and she replied, “do you remember our dog Haley? She died.” 😳 It might have been a silly random preschooler thought, but I get chills a little at that response and this time of years relation to the passed. Or maybe, just maybe, she was simply trying to spook me? 😅
Day 61 | 365 … Fixing her ‘spring fairy’ wings which started falling apart minutes after putting on. We threw such a fun party compete with a soaking wet yet awesomely haunted trail on the property.
Day 62 | 365 … Today felt a little bit like the day after Christmas.

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