Week 8 {365 Project}


This past week was quiet. A good type of quiet where you take notice of the little things. We’ve got a big party coming up so there was a lot of working, shopping, and sneaking outside to recharge our batteries and recover from yet another bout of illness. You’ll see the end of our camping trip on day 49, and spooky shopping trip that had me laughing out loud. Hope your week was phenomenal, friends.

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Day 49 | 365 … We awoke for the second morning surrounded by pine, light rain falling steadily on the metal van roof. Peaceful and melodic. Daddy went to the river and a friend and I brought the girls to the trail, rain gear in hand. I chose to not fight the ‘I can’t hike back in wet pants’ battle, as it wasn’t too cold of a rain, wet pants do indeed suck, and it made the hike immensely more enjoyable. 🍃😉
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Day 50 | 365 … Back to civilization. The car battery was dead and she was two hours late for school, but we still managed to pick up food for her betta fish then make it home for naptime.
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Day 51 | 365 … I’ve never been a morning person but it’s a preschool necessity these days. Coffee in hand {and spilling over the cup edges, as I am too late to put it in a to-go cup} we drop big sis off then often stop on the way home to take in the crisp morning together before my daily to-do list begins. We threw rocks and watched birds, then she said her first “love you” perfectly clear upon arriving home. 💛
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Day 52 | 365 … This kid can’t watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ but she can sport this mask around the store… 😂 Also, 9 days until Halloween! Be prepared for a little creepiness this week from me. 👹
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Day 53 | 365 … A slow paced morning wiping noses, getting cozy in front of the wood stove, then a little hike on the property. We have yet another sickness in our house so I think the plan for tomorrow just might be making a new batch of elderberry syrup and other immune boosting goodies.
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Day 54 | 365 … She overheard these trees were sick while at a birthday party today and promptly decided to bring a balloon to them. She astounds me. 🍃
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Day 55 | 365 … She’s recently fallen in love with my 20+ year old American Girl doll. We just happened to get a catalogue in the mail this week {how does that even happen?!} and every page now has her favorite items circled in which she specifically asked me to pass onto Santa. 😂

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