Week 7 {365 Project}

This week was absolutely perfect for my wanderlust. Between work and a little sickness we managed to squeeze in a date night on the river and a little fall camping getaway.  The PNW is just amazing, my friends!

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Day 43 | 365 … We spent the morning at park today, just the two of us. She went on the swing for five minutes then ran past the rest of the equipment, booking it towards an open field. She is most certainly my child. 🌾
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Day 44 | 365 … We had a rare opportunity to get time alone today so we took date night to the river. We talked and laughed our butts off, grilled paninis {what you see here}, and later finished the evening with a sunset hike on an island by the boat launch. All too often life gets in the way and l forget we need to take care of us first and foremost, and I’m so grateful for this night. Here’s to more sooner than later!
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Day 45 | 365 … She woke up to find that her daddy was feeling ill, and immediately went into worry mode. She cried a lot, brought him water, and picked him a bouquet of leaves while we were out and about. When we got home upon seeing him finally out of bed she jumped for joy then whispered in his ear, “I think I made you better, right?” 💕 I know I go on and on all the time {and feel guilty for not always quoting and doting about her equally amazing little sis – who in my defense says “more” and “no” and adorable fart noises 😉} but she is such a pure soul. I cannot wait to see how many lives she changes someday.
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Day 46 | 365 … This photo sums up our night pretty perfectly — costumes, tired eye rub, paint all over, popcorn, older child helping my exhausted child play fishing game {so she doesn’t smack others in the face 😁}, and a beautiful night to spend celebrating fall. 🎃🍂
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Day 47 | 365 … Time for a little October camping 🙌🏻
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Day 48 | 365 … A view from one of the many hikes we took today. Camping in the fall might be my new fav.
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Day 49 | 365 … We awoke for the second morning surrounded by pine, light rain falling steadily on the metal van roof. Peaceful and melodic. Daddy went to the river and a friend and I brought the girls to the trail, rain gear in hand. I chose to not fight the ‘I can’t hike back in wet pants’ battle, as it wasn’t too cold of a rain, wet pants do indeed suck, and it made the hike immensely more enjoyable. 🍃😉

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