Week 6 {365 Project}

This past week flew on by and it seems like we jumped right into fall – pumpkin patches, downpours, and leaves everywhere. We celebrated an amazing little boy turning 5 years old, and I felt so grateful for good friends and my sweet family {cliche, but true}. Week 6, I loved ya!

Day 36 | 365 … Their sisters were at school which gave these two a full day of giggling, nursing, and hiding in the orchard while us moms took photos like it was going out of style + had our first uninterrupted-by-3-year-olds conversation in ages. A good, good day.
Day 37 | 365 … After school errands, followed by an elusive double nap. I’d call that a win 🙌🏻🎈
Day 38 | 365 … Two years younger yet it never fails that she naps less than big sis. I blame it on that growing little brain of hers — saying “uh-oh” constantly while kissing everything in sight. Running on her tiptoes towards daddy asking if she wants avocado, then butchering her big sisters name wondering aloud where she is. The change day to day is phenomenal. I want to hold on to each little moment just a bit longer, crazy mess and all.
Day 39 | 365 … It went something like this — “but I neeeeeeeed this one daddy” 🎃
Day 40 | 365 … One of my favorite memories as a kid was putting on my bathing suit & dancing in the rain with my sister, laughing hysterically while seeing who could stay out longer. Right after this we put on suits and did a quick lap around the yard. The. Best.
41 (1 of 1)
Day 41 | 365 … I spent the day driving the coastal mountains, shooting an impressive amount of photos, and celebrating this little dudes birthday with his amazing family. Good friends are my soul food.
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ay 42 | 365 … Today wasn’t one for the books. My mood was down and I felt impatient, an expected yet unfortunate part of motherhood sometimes. But then she laughed {over and over again}, and she swore she was dancing with her shadow. She continuously lifts me up, this one.

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