Week 52/Finale {365 Project}

Well, it’s here. The finish line. I’ve completed an entire year of taking a photo every single day!  I’ve been sitting on writing this post for about a week, as I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I’m slightly sad to be honest, as I’ve become very accustomed to documenting our daily life with my camera.  But I’m also happy that I won’t feel obligated to shoot & document even the mundane days – that got old certain times of the year, and keeping up with editing and which day was which was also a bit difficult at times.  I put together a little movie/slideshow and watched it with my hubby last night, and it was so rad to see days I would’ve otherwise forgot, and also see my growth as a photographer.  I started out this project pretty focused on composition, and a nice sharp photo. My editing was a bit inconsistent, as I was fairly new to Lightroom.  Sometime around the holidays you starting noticing a change.  Photos had a bit more intentional blur as I had learned about a lovely technique called freelensing, and I had also bought a lensbaby.  My photos started feeling even more like memories to me compared to simple snapshots. As 2016 progresses I started editing a bit more consistently and by summer (my last couple months of this project) I continued to be inspired by light and other new techniques as not to get too bored.  In the course of a year I only bought two new lenses – a lensbaby, and a $50 vintage lens from Russia.  I used the same old camera body I’ve had for five years, and my beloved 24 mm and 85 mm primes.  I took 8 of the shots with my phone, 357 with my big camera.  I haven’t counted but I probably took about 10,000 photos. Maybe more (not all just for this project, obviously haha!). 😉  Over the course of a year I realized I’m most drawn to imperfection.  Hazy memories.  Real, candid moments versus a staged smiling photo.  I’m in love with photos I want to know more about, that fill me with wonder.

So fast forward to today.  I haven’t taken my camera out much this week.  A short hiatus I suppose you could call it.  I’m leaning towards another 365, but starting January 1 this time.  Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll think of some new project.

But enough of my rambling.  Below you’ll see last week of this project.  It was a real doozy, just absolutely amazing, as I got to summit a mountain I’ve been itching to hike up for years.  I also added the video I made at the end of this post (with music by the talented Tony Kaltenberg), if you so feel inclined to watch.  Thanks for coming along this ride with me, friends.

359 | 365 … Because sometimes you freelens + try a new technique and your left with something oddly beautiful.
360 | 365 … Headed to the mountains with these ladies to camp and get up at the crack of dawn to summit a mountain the next day. We were up too late considering our big day, but we had an absolute blast doing it.
361 | 365 … The summit of South Sister, 10,365 ft! Pure amazing. (taken by lovely friend and fellow hiker/photographer Nicki of Three Sisters Photography!)
362 | 365 … I grabbed my sweet hubby when I saw some pretty light along the deck tonight. This project is so full of our children and I’m happy to finally sneak a solo mom & dad shot in. After all, we made them. <3
363 | 365 … While I hiked up a mountain she picked blackberries and baked a pie with her daddy and sis. Gah!
364 | 365 … Evening with her buddy. These two have formed quite the bond lately.
365 | 365 … Treasure hunt, searching for a little fall.


2 Comments on “Week 52/Finale {365 Project}

  1. Love the video! So many moments beautifully captured. Evocative, joyful, candid moments. I’m inspired! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. This is really lovely! What a treasure! I love your eye for photography and wish I lived close enough to have you take photos of my little family! Your project also makes me want to live outdoors more – how magical!

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