Week 51 {365 Project}

We’re closing out the summer with a bang – lots of camping trips, kayaking, and a whole lot of swimming. ¬†Week 51, at your service!

350 | 365 … 99 degrees so we’re doing a whole lot of this.
351 | 365. Eddie. Ed Man. Mr. Man. He’s got a lot of names and a lot of love to give. This sweet 11 year old has been acting even more cuddly lately, following the girls anytime they’re outside, and sitting with me whenever I’m editing or watching tv. He’s just my favorite little dude.
352 | 365 … Getting ready to head out. For some odd reason, they only let papa put pony tails in their hair (and mama always does braids!).
353 | 365 … Big sis teaching little sis some rad song and dance moves!
354 | 365 … Time to kayak, hike, and sleep under the stars for the next four days. My favorite type of soul food.
355 | 365 … Sometimes you just fall asleep mid boat ride. Daddy rocked it!
356 | 365 … Mountain babies. The girlies on the left hiked an entire 5 miles into this high mountain lake, and the two on the right aren’t that far behind. And I’m just left here in awe. It’s beyond awesome seeing my kids fallen love with nature like we are – singing Simon and Garfunkel on long hikes like mommy, asking for hydration packs for their birthday, and dreaming of summiting mountains with one another someday. I hope they have adventure filled lives respecting the natural world, always remembering these perfect moments.
357 | 365 … I’ll just title this ‘day 4 of camping in the high cascades’
358 | 365 … She always misses the bunnies and chickens most of all when we’re gone.

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