Week 5 {365 Project}

I’ve hit week 5 of my 365 project, and I’m happy to report I’m still feeling inspired and not yet bored with editing/posting a daily photo {a fear of mine with this project}. Wahoo! I played around with a new, albeit potentially dangerous, technique called freelensing one day and loved it. I also shared my whereabouts and thoughts on a national tragedy this week, and seemed to take close ups of cute little feet and hands quite a bit {I’m not biased or anything}. See you next week, friends.

Day 29 | 365 … Last night my eldest had what could only be described as growing pains while this girl had a runny nose. They were a symphony of cries, waking one other up riiiiight when I had just settled the other one down. I yelled at one point out of sheer exhaustion, and I immediately regretted it. But here she is – forgiving, loving me despite my flaws and understanding that I am human. The way we should all be, really. So we celebrated our good moods despite lack of sleep with coffee and toast, and a few blown kisses across the table. ☕️🍞😘
Day 30 | 365 … Preschool days are reserved for mom + little dates or chores. Lots and lots of chores. The list was endless today and she only wanted up, so I abided and continued on with scrubbing pans and feeding chickens. I know I’ll look back on these fleeting days of babywearing and miss them {I already do}, even if I’ve got one heck of a tired, albeit strong, shoulder at the end of the day. 💪🏻
Day 31 | 365 … I got a text message today while sitting in a parking lot about the tragedy just an hour south of here. I was stunned. Heartbroken. Scared. I wanted to not bring my children in the store and head straight to Canada. But we went in, and being the intuitive old soul she is she saw my dried tears and said they looked like “sad and not happy tears.” I told her people were hurt and I was sad for them, and left it at that. She asked if daddy was helping any of them, and I answered ‘he could be’ {so close to home}. This world is so chaotic friends, and it’s absolutely maddening to have no control. But I remind myself I DO have control of the way I raise them, present and attached, hopefully leading to healthy minded, kind adults wanting only good for this world. I have to believe in that.
Day 32 | 365 … “You just need fwesh air” she says in response to me waking up feeling majorly under the weather today. Good call, my love.
Day 33 | 365 … Week two of the preschool plague, this time for little sis and mom. She read books to us then asked if I was going to ever change out of pajamas today. 😂
Day 34 | 365 … She fulfilled her Halloween costume dream and had to test it out on the property. I tried my hand at freelensing and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it.
Day 35 | 365 … I got home from work today and she immediately asked me if I wanted to go on a pre-dinner hike on the property. “Did you get any babies out today?” she asked, while simultaneously chasing our odd canine-like cat. I wouldn’t trade this home, these people, for anything.

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