Week 46 {365 Project}

We painted, picked peaches, had the perfect date night, and spent a lot of time at work & at home.  Behold days 315-321!

315 | 365 … I worked a twelve hour shift all day and was so pleasantly surprised to see my husband took out the camera for me to capture their day! Painting with their dad was a highlight of their week.
316 | 365 … A property hike. The first thing I loved about our home was the driveway. I still do to this day.
317 | 365 … We picked 5 lbs of peaches, 2 lbs of blueberries, and 1 lb of raspberries but I’m fairly certain the favorite part of their day was playing with goats. 😉
318 | 365 … A little after dinner sliver surgery by big sis. I love seeing her innate sense of nurturing develop.
319 | 365 … Date night to one of my favorite musicians of all time – James Taylor! My amazing hubby surprised me with tickets on my birthday, and we were only 12 rows back. I cried at least a dozen time out of pure happiness!
320 | 365 … A birthday party on a cow train. Day made!
321 | 365 … Daddy’s truck might just be their favorite little play place!

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