Week 45 {365 Project}

Days 308-314 started off celebrating the 4th of July at the coast, and it ended at the annual Oregon Country Fair.  Between we’ve picked loads of blackberries, had a sleepover with friends, and visited a local lavender field the girls couldn’t stop sniffing.  I truly adored this week, even though I now need a nap. 😉  Until next week, friends.

308 | 365 … We found the perfect little beach spot to watch the 4th of July fireworks. I just love watching them be them. 😍
309 | 365 … A little tide pooling before heading home. We adore you, Oregon coast (and tiny crabs too!).
310 | 365 … Because sometimes you have leftover fireworks, and daddy lights them best!
311 | 365 … Today has been the first cool, cloudy day in weeks. It made for blueberry picking perfection 👌🏻
312 | 365 … Lavender fields forever. 💜
313 | 365 … Sleepovers mean dancing in your jimmies (+ capes!) at noon the next day. Love this crew!
314 | 365 … My sweet hubby and our little owl at the Oregon Country Fair. It was hard to pick just one from this amazing day.

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