Week 44 {365 Project}

From camping upriver to fireworks on the beach, it’s been an amazing week. Behold, days 301-307.

301 | 365 … Last day of camping. Three littles + a hammock = entertainment for hours!
302 | 365 …Fairy gifts. We got back from camping to find some fairies moved into a tree stump on the property (we eventually figured out it was a sweet neighbors doing, shhh 😉) complete with doors, windows, table/chairs, fairy dust, and a stone path. My girls have brought gifts of spinach, water, and sunglasses so far and get excited to find little thank you notes or knick knacks occasionally left on their doorstep. Motherhood is so darn fun!
303 | 365 … Hot June days call for some river time with friends.
304 | 365 … Getting some sparkler time with daddy since he works through the 4th and we’re heading on a girls adventure!
305 | 365 … At the theater 🎬 Truth be told, this little love was a mess of emotions – happy, scared, excited, then even crying at one point but she still insisted we stay and finish the movie (Finding Dory 🐠). She has always felt so deeply, this girl, in all aspects of life. An old soul through and through. Meanwhile her sweet little sis sat happily with popcorn smiling the entirety. Funny how that happens. 😅
306 | 365 … “Oh mama, I’m so worried that Anna will be sad while I’m gone.” This girl and her chicken are like no other.
307 | 365 … Crab walking on the beach before the 3rd of July fireworks.
307 b … Beach bonfires all around.

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