Week 4 {365 Project}

I’m nearly a month into my first 365 project and I am loving it!  There’s so many little details of the day I would miss or just catch on my blurry camera phone if it weren’t for this project – flying chickens, solo walks with my little one, and snuggles with daddy to name just a few from this week alone.  My big girl started preschool this week and life is settling down a bit after a month of travel and fun. I can’t wait to see what next week holds!

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Day 22 | 365 … Preschool – I’ve had so many mixed emotions about this. From the moment we conceived her after so much waiting and loss until now, she’s been there. With me. With us. Even the six hour stretch I left to give birth to her sister I missed her tremendously. After today’s pick up I asked her how her first day was. She smiled a very happy but tired smile, looked down at the ground and replied, “I didn’t want to miss you but I did…” I cried right there, smack dab in the middle of buying toilet paper at Walgreens. This will get easier.
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Day 23 | 365 … We welcomed autumn with an early, chilly morning hike. Just the two of us.
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Day 24 | 365 … This evening after work we had the most perfect wading weather despite the fall colors all around us. A contradiction, really. But I’ve always loved these final days teetering between two seasons. The change is inevitable – c’est la vie.
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Day 25 | 365 … Preschool germs – can’t wait we didn’t see this coming. Luckily her daddy being home is medicine of it’s own.
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Day 26 | 365 … I tried to take a nap with her today – a rare treat for just the two of us. Instead of resting she played with my hair, told stories, and would repeatedly burst out laughing out of nowhere nearly waking her sis in the next room over. Eventually I left {as I was obviously keeping her awake} and I heard her get comfortable, thumbing through books. Soon I heard her soft, rhythmic breathing through the monitor and checked in her room to find this – she just needed a little solitude and books. She is 100% my child.
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Day 27 | 365 … She told me it would make the chicken feel “SO silly and happy” to go for a 4-wheeler ride with her. Don’t worry, we rewarded the brave chicken with some compost goodies. 😉
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Day 28 | 365 … I was putting away laundry and couldn’t help but stop to just watch her blissed out with her animals. “Let me just check for spiders…” I heard her say to giraffe and Rudolph {who are a mommy and baby in her world}, and she was quite concerned that they might be afraid of heights. She is a selfless one, my girl.

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