Week 39 {365 Project}

Days 266-272 were full of the outdoors – a field of flowers we happened to come upon, a hike with friends at one of my favorite places, and our first camping trip of the year.  Camping was with just the 4 of us, and I walked away from the weekend feeling rejuvenated and so ridiculously lucky for my amazing hubby, lovely little girls, and this awesome state we live in.  Until next week, friends.

266 | 365 … The best kind of car nap find 🌸
267 | 365 … A little hike while big sis is at school & papa is at work.
268 | 365 … It’s an unusually rainy & cold and we’ve done a lot of this today.
269 | 365 … Took the girls to a favorite hike of mine yesterday. We ran into an older man up the trail literally laying on the ground writing in a little notebook, a flower identification book in his other hand. He told my girls about the 30+ varieties of wildflowers he had found so far that day, pointing out a few around our feet. He also had a small bag full of trash he had picked up along the way (which inspired my oldest to do the same the hike back). There’s something about meeting others with love for the outdoors that just sticks with me, makes me feel hope in this unsettling yet beautiful world we live in.
270 | 365 … We had to transplant this beautiful rhododendron bush with the current logging going on, and my girl has been all about making sure it has enough water and soil since. Love seeing her learn how to take care of this earth.
271 | 365 … First camping trip of 2016! We braved the memorial day crowds and found an epic little hike in camp with this view. A minute or two after this hubby caught a gorgeous rainbow trout, and the whole family was ridiculously excited. We released the fish, retreated back to camp just feet away for some s’mores, and spent the night beneath the stars.
272 | 365 … Trail finds after kayaking all day & forest hide and seek. These are the days I live for.

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