Week 38 {365 Project}

Days 259-265: It was a big week around here.  We had a first hair cut, a doctor visit, and we started some major property work to which I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings about as you’ll read below.  I worked some long shifts this week while dad took the girls on a mountain adventure, and we spent some good times with friends.  You’ll notice the shot from my husbands mountain adventure with our girls is a bit grainy – it’s a good ol’ iPhone 4 photo he took while making a fire and s’mores for the girls after a long hike to up mountain valley.  I absolutely love it: it’s a good reminder to me personally that not every shot needs to be perfect, and that what matters is the moment {thank you, sweet hubby!}.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead, and you’ll be hearing from me again soon.  Until then, friends.

259 | 365 … Glimpse from a game of forest hide and seek. ❤️
260 | 365 … Where the cool toddlers hang (and throw mounds and mounds of hay on their mothers)
261 | 365 … I had a rare and much needed hair appointment today and little miss asked to tag along + get her first hair cut (she’s always said absolutely no in the past to hair cuts). To say we had fun is an understatement. 😍
262 | 365 … A fire in the mountains during a rainy hike with daddy. Life. Is. Good.
263 | 365 … The dreaded but surprisingly fun double well-visit today. I’m beyond amazed how excited little H was leading up to and during her visit, and not even one tear shed for shots (she happily comforted little sis, my sweet soul). A big thank you to Doc Mcstuffins.
264 | 365 … Day one of taking down some large trees close to our house. I’ve been a bit of an emotional mess this week leading up to this – the tree hugger in me is so sad, yet the protective momma and wannna-be homesteader know of the necessity and have great plans for the new landscape. It’s gonna’ be good. It always is.
265 | 365 … My oldest little love suggested we take a photo of my new tattoo while working out today. I wasn’t keen on a workout photo (🙈) so we took one afterwards, mid-horsey ride, while she tickled and listened to me with her stethoscope (a constant accessory these days). I took a couple shots where the tattoo detail was a bit better, but I can’t help but adore the moment captured here. It’s ‘us’ summed up in a photo, flawed composition and all. ❤️

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