Week 37 {365 Project}

Days 252-258: This week was filled with work, outside time {what a surprise, hah!}, and some garage/property work and planning.  I’ve noticed I’m spending even more time than usual in the woods around our house, taking in the quiet beauty, the trees and flora that have been around for so long.  We had had a camping trip planned but a 80 degree week turned into a 50 degree + rainy weekend so we moved the trip to our little home in the woods. We stayed up way too late laughing out butts off with friends, and I’m betting the kids definitely made some core memories with one another.  All in all is was an amazing little week.  Until next week, friends.

252 | 365 … A windy, warm, perfect park day.
253 | 365 … Picking flowers for the chicks. That’s my girl.
254 | 365 … A summer + camping prep day. We are getting pretty amped for river season in these parts 🚣🏻
255 | 365 … We reached nearly 100 counting the rings on this one today. 🌲
256 | 365 … Next week we say goodbye to a handful of these giants on the property {five trees falling on the house in six years has been downright scary}. I walked through the forest today, taking in some of what will be gone soon, feeling a mess of emotions paired with other things in life currently. But I know the necessity of this, of new chapters, and protecting my family. New growth will come, it always does.
257 | 365 … When camping plans get rained out we move the camping home.
258 | 365 … Snail loot 🐌


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