Week 36 {365 Project}

Days 245-251: It was an amazing week with my sister here!  We celebrated my birthday, laughed so darn much, traveled around Oregon, got tattoos, and the week ended on Mother’s Day.  You can read about each days adventure below.  We’re already counting down until the next visit {let’s get that on the books, sis!}.  Until next week, friends.

245 | 365 … Dirt pies with their Auntie. Brought us right back to childhood.
246 | 365 … We drove up the road a bit and went on a little mountain hike in a beautiful old garden for my birthday. The girls splashed their auntie, laughing, and I loved watching every minute.
247 | 365 … My sister and I got matching tattoos today. The state tree of where we’re from + three birds that stand for us. Always together yet flying higher with solo paths at times. The girls certainly approved.
248 | 365 … Oh today, you were glorious. We saw hundreds of sea lions in one of the continents largest sea caves, ran on the windy beach, had seafood for dinner, and ended the night walking on the harbor. I’ll remember this day forever.
249 | 365 … My sisters last full day here and we definitely had to fit in some local donuts.
250 | 365 … Aunt Jamie left today. I brought my camera to our morning outing and to the airport, but I wasn’t quite in the mood to capture those moments. There’s something about that last day, saying goodbye when you aren’t quite sure when the next time will be, that leaves my heart so heavy. So we finished the day with some of what we know best: at home with some babies + the light, time spent on the property, and weeding the garden.
251 | 365 … Mother’s Day. I remember years back in the midst of infertility I would cringe at all the social media posts on this day — yet here I am, blessed beyond measure, at these two wacky ladies on my chest. I’m so happy to call them + their papa home.

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