Week 35 {365 Project}

Days 238-244: Lots of outdoor time + work in preparation for my sister coming {aka vacation for yours truly as well!}.  There was some rainy weather and a little adventure up in the mountains with just the girls and myself, and time spent on the property amongst the trees and of course with the chicken {who you may have noticed makes at least a weekly appearance in this project}.  The weather cleared up just in time for my sister to come and you’ll find the first two days of her amazing trip here at the end of this post.  Until next week, friends.

238 | 365 … Tutus and nature, two of her favorite things. 💗🌲
Day 239 | 365 … She’s looking like a little girl more and more + learning a dozen new words a day it feels like. Slow down, time.
240 | 365 … These two could spend all their days together. Seriously I can’t handle the cuteness!
241 | 365 … We escaped to the mountains today. One on my back, another holding my hand. We saw snow, very few people, and hiked to the top then base of one of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon. I live for days like these.
242 | 365 … Playing train together while mom cleans. 🚂
243 | 365 … Aunt Jamie has arrived! The looks on their faces just sum up how perfect the moment was seeing my sister again!
244 | 365 … Apple juice for the kids, mimosas for the ladies. A day spent flower shopping + sitting beachside is the perfect start to vacation with my sis here.

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