Week 33 {365 Project}

Days 224-230 were spent dealing with a big construction job on the house, my girls thinking it’s quite possibly the coolest thing ever.  These days were spent outside – hikes with our favorite little chick Ana, time at the park, and finding bubbles in a geocache deep in the woods.  Grandparents visited and I watched as my oldest gardened with her grandpa, then they all went on a hike together on the property.  It’s truly beautiful watching their bond grow deeper.  The week ended with a fantastic little party on the river for my youngest turning two; it was full of great friends, laughter, and the warmest April weather possible.  I’m simply grateful.  Until next week, friends.

224 | 365 … Helping sis build a little confidence at the park. 😍
225 | 365 … When you hand your hubby the camera (we are in the middle of a major rebuild after a tree fell on the house). I’ve always loved his unique points of view despite not knowing a thing about cameras! 😍 Also, don’t worry, she was only two steps up. 😉
225 b | 365 … Test snoozing the new room!
226 | 365 … Totally breaking some photog rules here with my subjects covered by crazy Oregon flora, but I just adored watching my girls chase bubbles in the woods today. To the person who put bubbles in the geocache my 4 year old found on this hike, you’re genius! 🙌🏻 #littletrees365 ps: who am I kidding, I secretly love rule breaking! 🙊
227 | 365 … She doesn’t stop much these days but when she does it’s for bright colors. 😅🎨
228 | 365 … Because everybody hikes with a chicken, right? 🐥
229 | 365 … Taking grandpa on an adventure.
230 | 365 … Birthday party sugar high. 🎉 She was unsure and shy again this year when a throng of people started singing, but a quick bite of this perked her right up.

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