Week 32 {365 Project}

Days 217-223!  We spent the week working, on a little overnight getaway with friends, and some warm weather let us have our first sprinkler session of the year.  The days are getting longer and I’m loving every minute of it!  We’ve continued to have some major repairs done to our house this week, and I’ve tried to stay out of the way and bring the girls outside to get away from all the noise and commotion. Next week starts some birthday planning for my youngest, and I’m so blown away she’s nearly two.  Until then, have a wonderful week friends!

Day 217 | 365 … An evening on the river skipping rocks and holding hands
Day 218 | 365 My self proclaimed Princess Rapunzel “got married” today, and she insisted we celebrate with a game of hopscotch.
219 | 365 … First backyard sprinkler of the year. I think she had fun. ❤️
220 | 365 … Oregon coast days like this are few and far between. This pretty much sums up our amazing day all in one frame. 💙🌊
Day 221 | 365 … A bit of hike and seek + lots of giggles during lunch outside. Can’t believe she turns two in a week!
Day 222 | 365 … Mowing the lawn and chasing chickens. A good Saturday indeed.
Day 223 | 365 … Maybe if I blow hard enough the tiny fairies will reach over the ocean to Italy…” (Italy is where her cousins are). Gah, I love the imagination of kids. 😍 This also made me tear up a bit as she was so serious and even a bit melancholy about her far away family. ❤️

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