Week 30 {365 Project}

Days 203-209: Egg coloring, amazing tulip fields, a birthday party, and a forest egg hunt.  I always look back at these photos and smile but find myself wondering if people think we don’t work for a living. Far from it!  I welcomed a few babies into the world this week, and my husband coded more than one patient while helping many more. It’s sort of interesting how this project has become a bit of a love letter to my girls — as opposed to documenting all the nitty gritty details of my husbands and my life outside of us and the girls (aka our careers) — but you can’t quite bring a camera to work, can you?  I hope that someday my girls look back at these little ordinary moments of their childhood and smile too.

See you all next week.

Day 203 | 365 … A workday for me followed by some messy egg coloring. The result was mostly pink and purple eggs (two girl problems 😉💕).
Day 204 | 365 … We had about twenty minutes of sunshine between the torrential downpours today. Naturally she danced in it. 💃🏻
Day 205 | 365 … On her second outfit change. 😅
206 | 365 … The muddy paw prints on the comforter weren’t nearly as cute. 🐾😉
207 | 365 … My egg collector. She had two but yellow labs can be quite sneaky. 🙊
Day 208 | 365 … A birthday party for a good friend. The swinging, tumbling, and cupcake eating was out of control.
209 | 365 … Happy Easter! Six girls and one very outnumbered boy on our annual egg hunt on the property today.

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