Week 3 {365 Project}

A glimpse at my 365 project, days 15-21.  I started in Michigan and ended in Oregon.  They both felt like home, each in a different way, which is quite possibly the oddest feeling one can experience.  We arrived in Oregon to a bit of rain and some impressive fallen leaves on the property, and it’s been a fairly mellow week since. Take a peek at my week below.

Day 15 | 365 — We had some sad goodbyes today, a very long drive, and a fun & lengthy stop at Michigan’s ‘Little Bavaria’ town of Frankenmuth. We ate enough food to feed a small army and then shopped at the World’s largest Christmas store. Not a bad way to end vacation indeed.
Day 16 | 365 — My littlest had a nap at her aunts before our long travel day, a total of 7 hours of flying. When we landed in Portland my big girl excitedly greeted dad at the airport and after many hugs he asked what she did all week. Her response was, “welllll my sister napped a lot and I watched her sleep and she is sooooooo super super cute when she sleeps!”
Day 17 | 365 — Finally, home. The girls promptly tore apart the house upon waking so in an effort to maintain my sanity we put on our rain books and hiked the Property. Oregon decided to embrace fall while we were gone.
Day 18 | 365 — The girls rocked some booster shots today so we had a little froyo celebration.
Day 19 | 365 — She turned seventeen months yesterday. She’s been restless and up half the night this week — her gums red, wanting to nurse like an infant. To be completely honest my patience has run seriously thin. But someday, years or even months from now, I will miss this. Her smell, her reliance, her sweet smile only for me. So I’ll take in all in for now and be grateful for this beautifully flawed gig called motherhood.
Day 20 | 365 — A day with friends. We sang journey at the top of our lungs between our children’s balloon wars and sprints through the forest. We talked and laughed and talked some more. Some folks are just meant to be in your life and these guys are some of them.
Day 21 | 365 … It’s a busy week ahead so we had a little family day at one of our most adored spots in Oregon!

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