Week 29 {365 Project}

Days 196-202 – I’ve officially entered the 200 range!  It’s not nearly as exciting as 300 will be, but I’m proud that I haven’t gotten behind much and have stayed pretty motivated (most days, ha!).  This week we watched a lot of rain fall, found a salamander (and 40+ worms) named Brownie, I had a rejuvenating mommy/daughter date with my oldest, and we went to a wedding. I had a moment of complete bliss watching my husband dance with our daughter, and I realized this is always the type of life that I’ve wanted. Simple. Joyful. We dance a lot, we laugh a lot, and I hear a lot of ‘I love you’s’ throughout my day. I’m feeling pretty grateful for it all. Until next week, friends.

Day 196 | 365 … Their preferred route to check the mailbox vs simply walking down the driveway. That’s my girls. 👏🏻🌿
Day 197 | 365 … We had a little blanket and pillow party on our upstairs porch today (so over this rain 😑), and big sis couldn’t stop worrying about her sisters feet getting cold. Love her sweet heart. ❤️
Day 198 | 365 … Views from a morning hike while sis is at school. 🌲🌸
199 | 365 … “Momma, I’m a fern princess” 🌿
Day 200 | 365 … We spent the morning bug collecting then had a momma daughter date in the afternoon in which she asked to go to lunch then dress shopping. We giggled in the changing room while she told me which dress looked “too fancy,” “too doll like,” (😂) and “not fancy at all.” She insisted I buy a strawberry motif as well. We so needed this time alone. ❤️🍓
Day 201 | 365 … Seeing my awesome hubby dancing with my daughter is just about everything I ever wanted in life.
Day 202 | 365 … We are getting sick of the rain around these parts.

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