Week 27 {365 Project}

Days 182-188.  We welcomed new baby chicks into the family, and one chick in particular named Anna was absolutely smitten with my girl.  We visited the snow, we traveled to the ocean {that’s Oregon for you}.  I went to an amazing artist named Ani Difranco and it was a fun and fabulous night away with a girlfriend. We grocery shopped, worked, and played house.  All in all I sort of loved this week. Until next week, friends.

Day 182 | 365 … Ripped jeans, a dress, + fairy wings = her outfit of choice these days.
Day 183 | 365 … Because coloring a funny face on daddy is a family affair.
Day 184 | 365 … Yesterday I decided to treat the girls to their favorite little 50’s diner after school. We chatted about chickens, snapped a few photos, and giggled at their reflections. They weren’t particularly quiet or mess free and I was hoping it didn’t bother others there since we were certainly the rowdiest bunch in the joint. Right after this was taken I noticed my bill was gone and thought it was simply lost in my kids mess… the waitress then told me an elderly gentleman paid our tab. I’m just floored by simple acts of kindness out there {even if he was just feeling sorry for me?
Day 185 | 365 … Meet Anna the chick (sister to Elsa and Hair Bow – don’t ask 😂). She’s only a few days old and already following my girl around everywhere. 😍
Day 186 | 365 … When your toddler will only let her big sister push the cart. Literally slapped at my hands if I helped. True story. 😅💙
Day 187 | 365 … When the hubby says “join me scouting” and we gain so much elevation on the hike it turns into a surprise snowy adventure sans snowshoes. 😅 Three words: I’m sore today.
Day 188 | 365 … Goal! 🙌🏻😆 We did a little unplugging and unwinding the last couple days at a friends wonderful beach house. To say they had fun is an understatement. 💙

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