Week 25 {365 Project}

Days 168 through 174 were good ones.  They were full of peeks of spring, sunshine (+ 60 degrees!), and good friends.  This time of year is always so surprising to me – back home in the midwest there was usually still snow on the ground and weather like this wasn’t typical until April.  I’m sure we will have plenty of rainy days ahead, but I’m already looking forward to summer.  Until next week, friends.

168 (1 of 1)
Day 168 | 365 … Last year my hubby won a ridiculously huge pink bear at the county fair aka “fair bear” as he’s lovingly named here. He’s a constant jungle gym and a real eye sore in this little house of ours but man do they love him. ❤️
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Day 169 | 365 … We found tiny purple flowers all over the property and our neighbors cherry tree blossomed yesterday. I do believe spring is in sight. 🌷😆
170 (1 of 1)
Day 170 | 365 … I’m just going to pretend I didn’t walk in on her trying to brush the cats teeth and the cat thoroughly enjoying it. 😆 Don’t worry, I tossed the toothbrush.
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Day 171 | 365 … I told them to get ready to head out for groceries then found them on the front stoop like this. Babywearing fashionistas for the win.
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Day 172 | 365 … She watched a ‘Reading Rainbow’ episode today about light and shadows (+ an awesome little part about film photography!). So here’s what our afternoon looked like before I headed to work.
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Day 173 | 365 … A full & awesome day with friends from out of town {I took care of this little guy and his twin bro in the womb!}. We explored the property, had s’mores/a bonfire, and the parents stayed up way too late while the kids had a sleepover. Days like this rock my socks.
174 (1 of 1)
Day 174 | 365 … An evening walk on the property. This never fails to clear my mind.

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