Week 24 {365 Project}

We spent the beginning of this week up in the mountains hiking and sledding to our hearts content. The rest of the week was a lot of the norm – a little hike one of the mornings that’s becoming our weekly ritual, a whole lot of laundry, and work/school activities that kept us busy.  This week was also Valentine’s Day and it was so absolutely perfect seeing my girls excitement at making a valentine box, receiving valentines, and having her very first valentine party (that my husband volunteered at – swoon!).  Life is going by so darn quickly, friends.  Until next week.

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Day 161 | 365 … Views from an epic afternoon of sledding. I’ll take it. 🗻
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Day 162 | 365 … I’m the exact opposite of a morning person but this hike, the view, and most importantly the company made getting up early feel pretty darn magical today.
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Day 163 | 365 … I have fond memories growing up of the car wash being the coolest thing EVER {anyone else?!}. Luckily my kid agrees


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Day 164 | 365 … Always SO much laundry, and apparently they all like to sit on it. 😅
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Day 165 | 365 … Daddy volunteered at H’s preschool today for a little Valentine’s party. Pretty much fell in love with him all over again.
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Day 166 | 365 … I took these dolls to a shoot today and I warned my client/friend the girls were being hooligans and fighting allll morning. Then they did this a majority of the shoot. Love me a little nature therapy.
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Day 167 | 365 … Sweet valentines.

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