Week 23 {365 Project}

This week we celebrated our sweet girls 4th birthday!  Since I was a kid birthdays have been a huge deal to me, and now motherhood has made it even more so.  I usually keep the festivities going for a week which leave us all a little exhuasted but I hope full of love. We spent her big day with good friends, the next day she had a party at school then at a local pizza joint, and her nana and grandpa visited from Washington.  She also had a sleepover with one of her best buds, and we ended the week with a mini getaway up in the mountains. There’s something about a distraction free weekend in nature with the people I love most – I feel rejuvinated, calm, full of joy and gratitude for this family of mine.  When I asked her what she thought about the cabin the morning we left she answered, “This was the best late birthday present ever! Can we bring some snow home now?”  I love you, sweet girl. Now let’s start planning your sisters 2nd birthday. 😉

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Day 154 | 365 … And just like that, we have a 4 year old!
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Day 155 | 365 … Birthday party madness for this one complete with pizza, princess dresses, great friends, and a rockin’ play area. The parents are just as pooped as the kids tonight. 😅
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Day 156 | 365 … Some evening Lite Brite with her Nana. I might have been even more excited about this present that she was. 🙊
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Day 157 | 365 … She would give eskimo kisses and smooches ALL day long if it were up to her. And side note: she’s been carrying around this ballon like it’s her pet for days. 😂🎈


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Day 158 | 365 … Sisters. 🍁❤️ They played with old dried leaves on the balcony in their princess dresses, my youngest wearing a mask I got in Italy she’s newly obsessed with. They giggled and giggled and giggled some more. When I asked my eldest what they were laughing about, she said “well we have our own words we use, they’re not for adults momma. Don’t worry about it.” 😂
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Day 159 | 365 … A little glimpse from last nights sleepover with one of her best buds. They went to bed late, woke up early {of course}, and partied real hard. Love these dolls. ❤️
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Day 160 | 365 … We escaped to the cascades for a last minute birthday week getaway {yes, much to my husbands amusement, I love to celebrate birthdays ALL week long – this was the final bang 🎉}. We chose a spot we frequent when camping and found a little tiny home that was an absolute dream. We hiked, built tiny snowmen, stayed up late, and hubby and I laughed until our cheeks hurt reading the hilarious reviews in the cabin guestbook {why stay in the woods if you want the “geese to sleep in past 7:30 am?” still laughing about that one 😂}. I’m going to hold this day close for a long, long time. 💛🌲


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