Week 22 {365 Project}

The last week of January was a good one. We spent one night with out to dinner and trampolining (is that a word?!) with my daughters oldest buddy in celebration of their upcoming birthdays, and we spent another day hiking up a local peak with some close friends. I worked a lot, so did hubby. We did a lot of talking about my daughters upcoming birthday, and she reflected on what the age four means to her (see below, teehee).  Tomorrow is her actual birthday, and I’m a mess of emotions paired with ridiculous excitement!  You can bet I’ll be sharing more on that next week.  But until then, have a fabulous week friends!

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Day 147 | 365 … A little sunset and local butte discussion with my girl 🌄 {hubby and my kissing shot from a few days ago was on top of that butte center left!}
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Day 148 | 365 … 8 am, before heading to school. Because even a sprinkle warrants a cute umbrella in her opinion.
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Day 149 | 365 … She wanted to hike more than she wanted to be worn today on a lengthy hike straight up and down {littlest love reaching big kid status 😭}. Her excitement at the top was the absolute best part of my day! ❤️
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Day 150 | 365 … Some days you just have to work and are left with no time to take photos with you nice camera — a little glimpse into my afternoon running to get coffee and do a kid swap at work with hubby. These days are tiring to say the least!
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Day 151 | 365 … Today we had rain, sun, hail, then more sun. We happened to go for for a hike during one of the sunny periods but it quickly turned to extreme wind and rain. Hubby and I weren’t exactly thrilled but the girls begged to differ. 😂 {also, she purposely asked me to use the color version of this because she’s wearing dad’s hat} 😉
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Day 152 | 365 … Four years ago I was a mere two days away from my due date and meeting this sweet soul {I’m an odd one and went into labor/delivered both times on my due date!}. We talked a lot about her birthday today and when I asked her what she thinks about turning 4, her response was this: “Weeeeeellllll {insert girly hand movements here 💁🏻}, I’m so excited! I’ll write my name better, know more names at school, wear bigger clothes, and I’ll be bigger than my sister. And I think it means I won’t be afraid of the really big slides with tunnels anymore!” Note: I think she thinks these things will all be true when she wakes up Monday morning. 😂❤️
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Day 153 | 365 … The big Four tomorrow and our last bit of three year old cuddles today. Thank you x a million for making me a mother, sweet girl. ❤️

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