Week 21 {365 Project}

This week was a good mix of rain and sun, then rain and sun and repeat. Just when I was starting to get cabin fever the sun would come out and I’d spend a glorious afternoon running around a field with my girls or a morning hiking to the top of a local butte with my love. The end of the week was spent taking a trip to see an old patient of mine who has become one of my best friends, and we had a much needed night just laughing until our cheeks hurt while the kids had a dance party & sleepover. I adored you, week 21!

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Day 140 | 365 … Today I asked her if it’s okay I take photos of her so often {I don’t always think to ask permission as she either a) doesn’t seem to notice or b) gets involved and loves to look at the shot — unlike her sis, who you don’t see as often here because she generally isn’t a fan of my camera 😁 #toddlers}. But truth be told I’ve been trying to back off a bit lately. Shoot maybe a few minutes out of the day total, and be more present from there. A 365 reboot I suppose. But right here, in this moment pictured above, her answer was this. “Well… I don’t think you take enough. I wish you would take one of me now! My skirt is so beautiful and so is Maya. Don’t stop taking my photo momma. You’re silly.” Touché, kid. 😂
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Day 141 | 365 … We had plans to hike today while big sis was at school, but this was the extent of our outdoor time. Buckets and buckets of rain I tell you. 😑☔️
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Day 142 | 365 … Lovely conversation, a killer workout, stellar views, and rare time spent with just us and our littlest which is oh so good for her. Oh day 142, I adored you.
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Day 143 | 365 … Quiet time on this gloomy, dark day. One of my New Years resolutions was to relax more about the animals {this guy used to not be allowed upstairs or in beds} and these two pretty much do this every single day – anyone see the bow in his hair? 🎀😍 Wouldn’t you know it, this guy doesn’t run away anymore.
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Day 144 | 365 … The ages 1 and 3 are often full of bickering and hair pulling, but I just love what the outdoors does to these two. They spent the afternoon chasing each other, getting incredibly muddy, and giggling to the point of tears. I managed to sneak a shot of them embracing at the end of the day and my momma heart almost can’t take it. 😍 … {they unfortunately fell over immediately after this and many cries from my youngest ensued – full disclosure}. 🙈❤️
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Day 145 | 365 … A walk with her friends, wishing she had brought rain boots. We spent the day visiting friends yesterday which led to an epic sleepover for the kids and game night for adults. 🙌🏻
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Day 146 | 365 … It’s been a hang out in jammies with amazing bed head type of day.

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