Week 20 {365 Project}

This week my sweet hubby worked quite a bit, so I had a lot of time with the girls while still recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis and a sinus infection {thank goodness for antibiotics!}.  I had a few days I cherished just being with friends – reading books and hiking in our forest followed by a delicious dinner with some of our closest friends, and catching up with an old friend where it felt like we hadn’t skipped a beat. We worked on potty learning {and by worked on I mean my girl told me every 15 minutes she had to go, adorable and tiring}, listened to a slightly ridiculous amount of David Bowie, and I put a lot of thought into how much I shoot these days and how present I want to be.  These next couple of weeks will be full of excitement, as my big girl turns 4!  Can’t wait to see what comes… until then, friends.

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Day 133 | 365 … Did anyone else watch this today? 🙋🏻 {RIP to my first childhood crush, the Goblin King}
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Day 134 | 365 … So they remember: I’m here too. The one behind the camera stepping in front after getting my eldest to school late and surviving $8 swimming where my youngest – who I thought would love it – cried the entire time {hence the unbrushed wet hair and no makeup, not that that’s a surprise 😁}. But I’m here, awake, having a brief moment of solitude in our woods while my littlest love naps in the car next to me. I’m finding lines and maturity in my face that I don’t recall pre-kids, but trying to find that beautiful under all the insecurity. I’m a momma, a wife, a nurse, a friend, and a photographer but most importantly I’m ME. I forget that too often.
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Day 135 | 365 … “Momma we are in a hot spring and the stars are lighting up the water!” {she is suuuuch an Oregonian 😉}
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Day 136 | 365 … Little sis is overwhelmingly into potty learning already {to the point of interrupting meals and waking me up at night to go, not my fav 😴}. Pretty sure big sis had something to do with this.
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Day 137 | 365 … My first decent hike after weeks of being sick {amazing what finally taking antibiotics does}. She is always looking out for little sis. ❤️
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Day 138 | 365 … The perfect way to spend a rainstorm
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Day 139 | 365 … While visiting friends today I swung by her dad and my old stomping grounds when we first moved here, before the girls were born. After some very wet and muddy exploring she got in the car and asked, “Why did you move away from those pretty bushes momma? You’re crazy.” 😅

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