Week 2 | 52 {365 project}

The girls and I traveled 2000+ miles this week to my home state of Michigan for my cousins wedding & to spend time with my family.  We ate amazing food, hunted for fairy doors, danced like we were kids, were ridiculously close to getting matching tattoos, and laughed SO much.  I used my iPhone for the week & although it was a bit more difficult to truly get the shot I wanted, it was a fun little challenge.  I am so so grateful for this amazing week below.

Day 8 | 365 … After a busy day out I asked her to pick out a favorite stuffed animal for the long plane ride tomorrow. She decided Olaf did not make the cut {and didn’t even pick out who did in typical three year old fashion} but he did earn some end of the day witching hour madness.
Day 9 | 365 … Two flights and over 2300 miles. She told other travelers that today marked her twentieth flight, and it was her sisters first {second kid problems}. We met so many kind, helpful people as I’m traveling sans daddy and needed some angels along the way. Faith in humanity = restored!
Day 10 | 365 … A scavenger hunt to find amazingly crafted fairy doors is quite possibly the coolest way to explore a new city.
Day 11 | 365 … We woke much too early to rain and a loud lawnmower + heavy machinery outside the window which made momma want to yell {don’t they know my kids are jet lagged?!}. We then had an 8 hour drive full of good talks, laughter, tears, and some beautiful stops which gave me a sense of nostalgia I hadn’t felt in some time.
Day 12 | 365 … Wedding prep – grandma was 100% in heaven. Two amazing people got married this day!
Day 13 | 365 … A visit to the old farm and then the point today. This was my sanctuary growing up and where I truly began to fall in love with nature.
Day 14 | 365 … We spent the day in the town that’s one of my most cherished UP towns. I earned my college education here, learned who I truly am as a person, and most importantly met my now husband in this quaint, beautiful town. We ate at all of our old favorite restaurants, drank blueberry beer {the entry-beer into my love for microbrew beer!}, and walked along Lake Superior. I can remember walks to my hubby’s old apartment just a mile from here in 4 feet of snow! I have endless gratitude for this little town.

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