Week 19 {365 Project}

Week 19 was all about healing around here.  As I mentioned last week, hubby and I caught an illness and it lingered WAY longer that we imagined it would.  We spent the first half of the week pretty hunkered down around home, and you’ll see we finally ventured out with my girls towards the end of the week. Nature therapy is definitely my favorite remedy for the getting-over-a-cold blues. Here’s to a feeling great week 20!

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Day 125 | 365 … How a one year old says she wants to go play outside.
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Day 127 | 365 … My girl, just a few weeks short of 4 years old. 💙 You’ve been asking to have your birthday party here and claim it’s because you want to go swimming {like you did at little sister’s party here last year, but in a much warmer month}. When I told you February is generally not a good time for swimming in Oregon you giggled and responded, “oh momma you should really talk to Polar Bears sometime. They’ll tell you.” 😅
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Day 128 | 365 … It’s funny my most rare shots these days are of my kid(s) actually smiling at the camera. Oh my little love, I have no clue how we made a blondie but you’re freaking adorable. 😍
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Day 129 | 365 … Tutus and somersaults and labrador rides. ❤ I wanted so badly to get outside today {that sun!} but these lungs are taking their sweet time healing. Luckily the girls find indoor entertainment pretty darn easily.
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Day 130 | 365 … I came to this beach four years ago to the day {thanks Timehop, I didn’t realize it until tonight!}. I was hugely pregnant, hiking around and taking photographs while hubby wet a fly. It had been a long four years of infertility leading up to that moment, and I remember feeling so peaceful and happy that we would get to meet our sweet girl so soon. And here we are now, blessed x 2, in the blink of an eye. Oh life, you’re really rad sometimes.
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Day 131 | 365 … The lightest drizzle of rain, the cracking of a bonfire, and my girl in my lap. A perfect way to end the day.
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Day 132 | 365 … These Oregon Januarys👌🏻🌿


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