Week 18 {365 Project}

This week was the week after Christmas. Slow moving days, time spent outside, and dad went back to work. My husband and I have also caught quite the bug and have spent the last few days coughing so hard our ribs are literally sore!  Luckily the kids haven’t caught it, and they’ve spent their days watching movies and exploring the property when I have a little energy.  I have left the same lens on my body all week as you can probably tell – a lensbaby, edge 50 {my christmas present!}. It’s completely manual including metering and focus, so I told myself I’d shoot primarily with this for a good week or two to really get it down.  I’m loving the results and feel like it’ll bring a lot of fun to my personal work – the photos to me appear more dreamy, much like freelensing, which is what a memory feels like to me.  I hope to actually incorporate it into a photo shoot one of these days — I’d personally love shots of me and my hubby with this lens.  Anyways, here’s to a healthier next week!

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Day 119 | 365 … Foggy puddle jumping while waiting for dad to get home. {is anyone else having dad-is-back-at-work blues? 🙋🏻}
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Day 120 | 365 … Her current favorite book, cinnamon sticks, her pup, and a basket full of decorations she so sneakily collected = a few of her favorite things.
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Day 121 | 365 … Dad spent time with your sister, so it was just you and me this afternoon. We played tag, found mushrooms, and discussed rivers and creeks while walking the length of our creek on the property {named after our dog who frequents it twenty times a day, ‘Gus Creek’}. You fell in and just as you were about to lose it I told you the story of when I fell waist deep into a river while 8 months pregnant because I was worried the dog was eating the end of a fishing hook. You bursted out laughing, brushed off your entirely wet self, and have asked me to tell the story about ten more times today. I adore you, my love. ❤️
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Day 122 | 365 … A little New Years Eve shopping. This is how they deal with the boredom, haha!
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Day 123 | 365 … Christmas cleanup day and I looked outside while vacuuming to find this. 😢 We made a plan to put in the forest next to her favorite tree on the property so we could say hello year-round. So that’s why my mom often kept our tree and lights up until March {no joke!}.
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Day 124 | 365 … Best friends basking in some morning light. The parents of the household have come down with a nasty plague {I literally can NOT stop coughing 😷} but that doesn’t stop our girls from wanting to get outside and play. I may have convinced them to come watch a movie after about 15 minutes of this. 😅
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Day 125 | 365 … Oh Daryn the fish, you are loved. {and you are the only photo this sick momma took today

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