Week 17 // CHRISTMAS WEEK! {365 Project}

One of the things no one tells you before you become a parent is how darn amazing holidays are once you have babies.  It feels a little like being a kid again watching my girls’ sense of wonder, their giddiness going to bed on Christmas Eve, and the pure excitement of Christmas morning. This week was a lot holiday prep, some perfect and relaxing family time, and a little after-Christmas getaway with Nana & Grandpa that’s become a bit of a tradition for us.  I want to hit rewind and experience it all again, seriously. I’ll see you in 2016, friends.

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Day 112 | 365 — The shortest day of the year + power outage all darn day but we still managed to find a little light. ✨
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Day 113 | 365 … This view. Quite possibly my favorite thing in the world. ❤️
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Day 114 | 365 … We had a little evening girls date to our favorite covered bridge upriver. We waited in the car for quite a while with snacks and Christmas music, my big girl in usual worry wart style saying “maybe they need to be plugged in,” and “I think they’re out of batteries mom.” I will forever remember the triumphant and adorable cheers when the lights turned on. 🎉
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Day 115 | 365 … She found out Santa was already in Canada so she and her Nana had a little emergency cooking baking session before bed. I swear I only helped a little in the disappearance of our last batch. 🙊
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Day 116 | 365, aka Christmas! 🎄 I was playing with my new remote sensor {that hopefully I won’t lose this time!} and I unknowingly captured this of my girl and her grandpa. Happy accidents are the best. 😍
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Day 117 | 365 … My girls reaction to the aquarium. We saw a diving Santa who read a book to her {while underwater!} and she couldn’t stop asking him questions and telling him what she got for Christmas. She then walked into this amazing tunnel and was squealing “Salmon! Nemo! Haley-butt {halibut 😉}!” as if this were truly heaven on earth.
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Day 118 | 365 … A blustery and breathtaking day hiking on the coast with the best company I could ever ask for. ❤️

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