Week 16 {365 Project}

This weeks got me feeling a little sappy as I review my photos.  There are so many tiny and even mundane moments each day that can be so easy to not give a second thought to and quickly forget.  But that’s what I absolutely love about photography – that ability to capture that brief little moment in time and remember it all, from the looks on their faces to the feelings I felt. Because those are what I want to remember most. We’ve done a lot of cuddling up at home and a bit of christmas shopping this week, and you can bet the girls are ridiculously excited for Christmas in a few days. I love taking it all in. Until next week, friends.

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Day 106 | 365 … After school shenanigans
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Day 107 | 365 … I remember days like the most in my childhood. We’d have flour fights while listening to Amy Grant’s Christmas album, and I can still taste the flour at the thought of this. Funny how it’s the little things you remember the most. {also, this may be my first time in the frame since starting my 365! I may need to change that in 2016}
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Day 107 | 365 … I love the age 3. 😍
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Day 108 | 365 — We watched ‘The Snowman’ together tonight, a movie I grew up watching {who else is with me?}. Midway through the lovely song ‘walking through the air’ came on and she looked at me after a minute, tears filling her eyes, and said “mama… I think I have happy tears.” It was such a profound moment of seeing her true self and also so much of myself in her, I tear up just writing this. Later she brought the snowman’s “house and trees he motorcycles in” to bed and she fell asleep next to these glass ‘toys’ … I could just bottle this up forever.
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Day 109 | 365 … A little holiday shopping for her nana and grandpa. Anything pink was game. 💝
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Day 110 | 365 … Helping wash my new car, in December, with no jacket and the same dress she wants to wear everyday. It wasn’t very warm today but some battles you just can’t win. 😅
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Day 111 | 365 … We hurried off to the last hour of our local holiday market today to see loads and loads of gorgeous hand made goods. We visited one of my dearest friends who is a vendor there {my main reason for going, really} and she gave us this fairy door ornament she and her husband made. 😍 Seriously, it couldn’t be more perfect for my fairy loving sweet.

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