Week 15 {365 Project}

It’s almost Christmas and I finally found my Christmas spirit this week.  It took a good friend, some cookies, and a little bit of snow after a monsoon of a week in the weather department. I’ve taken a lot of time to notice the little things this week as well: daddy brushing my girls teeth while she giggles, the belly laughs of sisters in the tub. I adore it all.

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Day 98 | 365 … Lately they’ve been a bit more intense than usual in regards to sharing, attention, and the usual sibling tiffs. But there’s also so much of this. Giggles for days and secret languages only they understand. Begging little sis to sleep with her and co-sneaking food to the dogs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this sibling gig is quite possibly the best thing ever. 💕
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Day 99 | 365 … I have not been feeling very festive as of late but today a good friend helped turn that around with some cookie making and lots o’ Christmas tunes. They ate these bad boys up before swiftly heading to the dentist. Because life’s all about balance, right? 😉🍪
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Day 100 | 365 {yahoo, triple digits! 🎉} … One on one time with this girl today
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Day 101 | 365 … My last baby in all her messy haired glory and my first baby lounging on some folded laundry. There’s just something about these two.
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Day 102 | 365 … The last few days there’s been an absurd amount of rain, hail, wind, and lightning. I can’t help but stare at our swaying trees, my mind still on high alert since our last tree fiasco a couple weeks back. But we still decided to venture outside today, if only for a short time to calm us all. The rain on my face and giggling puddle jumpers quickly got me smiling. And I breathed it all in, like I always do.
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Day 103 | 365 … I had a stomach bug today that left me pretty darn useless, but I was able to sneak a few freelensed shots of my man putting the girls to bed. He does it all and then some, and I couldn’t be more thankful.
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Day 104 | 365 … Her reaction to the snow blanketing our property this morning. Being a momma is like being a kid all over again 💙❄️

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