Week 14 {365 Project}

This week we attempted to take family photos with a tripod (hah!), camped out in the living room, wrote letters to Santa, and I watched two preschoolers go gaga over some chickens. In between all the photos we’ve also been doing a lot of working, cleaning up from the fallen tree, accepting it will take months to rebuild, and searching for a new car. A balance of fun and stress.  Photography has been my breather during these stressful times, and these are the moments I want to remember.  Behold, week 14.

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Day 91 | 365 – “I think… I think.. I think I’m Rapunzel and this is my home and Flynn is outside. We should probably get married.”
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Day 92 | 365 … Oh December, you’re lovely.
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Day 93 | 365 … One frustration I’ve had lately is that despite taking an enormous amount of photos these days, I’m never in any of them. I’m not vain, far from it, but I want my girls to remember I was there too. So today we attempted some family photos with my broken tripod and it was pretty much the worst idea ever. My girl then decided to take her personal camera and use the tripod — I’m thinking she might have got better shots than I did. Next time, I suppose. 😌
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Day 94 | 365 … I came home from work to find that the power had gone out and my adorable husband set up our two person tent complete with lanterns and flashlights in the middle of the living room. The power eventually came back on but you can bet the whole evening continued here and only here. PNW girls all the way. ⛺️
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ay 95 | 365 … We snuck in a little outdoor therapy between the errands and the rain. A little calm for our busy day. 🍂
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Day 96 | 365 … The finished product. Props if you can read the whole thing, the end is absolutely adorable. 💙
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Day 97 | 365 — The other day someone told me I was a fool for believing in peace and love. And it shook me more than it should have to be honest. But then there’s this. I capture it, take it in, and remember my bearings. I believe we can raise that change. It was a good day all around.

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