Week 13 {365 Project}

This week was a crazy one. We started off having three trees fall on our house {how was that even happen!?} and it’s been a little nuts since then with clean up and trying to get things taken care of during the long holiday weekend.  We’ve luckily had some happy, calm moments in our week including celebrating Thanksgiving with our great friends and then having a surprise party for my husband’s birthday a couple days later.  We ended the week getting a tree and meeting Santa.  Overall we’re feeling so incredibly lucky and grateful that the tree fell on our garage and car and not any of the bedrooms we were sleeping in at the time, and in turn I’ve had a lot of reflection this week on what’s truly important in life. A huge thank you to all our good friends, family, and neighbors who have helped us get through this week – you’re all amazing.  Here’s to a safer and calmer week 14.

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Day 84 | 365 … We didn’t go home with one but it was tempting indeed. 🎄
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Day 85 | 365 … We woke at 3 am to what felt like an earthquake but was really 3 trees falling on our home. Well, through our home. A giant fir rested inches away from one of our bedrooms yet miraculously only our garage, car, and front porch were annihilated. The front porch my kids play on every single day, the same place I park and get the girls in and out of their car seats – gone in seconds, unexpectedly. I’m just feeling so much. So beyond grateful no one was hurt and we still have a livable home, yet so unreasonably nervous over the dozens of other tall trees in our magical little forest called home. “Maybe the trees were sick with moss,” she explained while sitting on the stoop watching her amazing daddy and his friend cut wood and climb ladders this evening, then scribbling on an old birthday card claiming it was a list of all the things we lost with the trees. We didn’t lose a thing, my girl. ❤️
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Day 86 | 365 … Big sisters most prized possessions are fair game on preschool days.
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Day 87 | 365 … If the events of this week have taught me anything, it’s to be grateful. For the moments. The glance between sisters. The crying in the car moments. The whining and the meal making and the absolutely ordinary moments that I’ve assumed will always be there. So darn grateful for it all. ❤️
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Day 88 | 365 … She sat in the cold {after a chilly morning hike!} for at least an hour today just learning the ins and outs of wood chopping, debris cleanup, and garage architecture from her grandpa who is beyond amazing with her. They’ve been like this since day 1. 💜💙
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Day 89 | 365 … My lovely hubby’s birthday celebration tonight. I just can’t stop giggling at this, and wish I knew what the conversation was here.
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Day 90 | 365 … All business this girl. Upon arriving she said, “ummm so how ’bout I DON’T sit on his lap and just stand by him instead?”

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