Week 11 {365 Project}


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Day 70 | 365 … I’m exhausted. So are they. Eternally lingering colds + skipped naps and all I could muster up today was a batch of elderberry syrup and a little make believe on the property. Because nothing perks them {and me!} up like being outside. 🍃
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Day 71 | 365 … Early mornings call for a little fog filled bird watching.
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Day 72 | 365 … Gave the fam a little break from the camera while doing a little property exploration after work today.
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Day 73 | 365 … “Hello in there, are you like Big Bird?” I want to remember this. A day spent organizing cabinets, cleaning, and tending to outside chores. With you and your sis here these things are a hundred times more difficult yet a hundred times more beautiful at the same time. You cried shortly after this photo, very worried the egg was too cold but also saying the outdoors makes your nose run today. You held the egg in close, hugging it just enough to not break it, and I saw you. All of you, so much like me. And I’m simply grateful.
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Day 74 | 365 … Cabin fever got the best of me today so the girls and I hopped in the car and did a little location scouting. We only made it about an eighth of a mile before she fell in love with cat tails, absolutely memorized by the inside beauty of these odd looking plants. It brought me right back to my childhood, lazy Sunday’s at my grandmothers beach, how I felt just as amazed at the intricacies of this flower. So we simply stayed there, sis nursing on my lap, not hurrying or worrying about my silly agenda at hand.
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Day 75 | 365 … This girl. ❤️ I must confess I often feel guilty about the fact I have more photographs of her sister than I do of her. I want to keep it even, a trait my mother always stressed over while raising my sister and me. But often she’s either a) being held or worn {see above} b) tugging on my legs c) saying “no!” to the camera .. so I respect that and back off. But today in the middle of a crazy work filled day I snuck in a shot of her in her happy place, close to me, and she didn’t mind the camera one little bit.
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Day 76 | 365 … I think what I love most about living in the country is THIS is just a short drive away when we are craving a touch of home. She was convinced this was Olaf and wanted to bring him home with his own personal “flurry” to keep him whole. ⛄️

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