Week 10 {365 Project}

I found myself reaching out to nature a bit this past week – driveway walks, a hike in a lava field, outside chores. The sleepless nights and days called off of work have been getting to me, and outdoor therapy always seems to calm my nerves. It was still a beautiful week indeed.  See you next week, friends.

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Day 63 | 365 … A rare brunch out with my sweets before heading into work. Her little arms behind her back just kill me 😍
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Day 64 | 365 … I’m so damn cliché but I swear she was just born. My tiny babe who took so many years to meet and made me ridiculously nervous and whole at the same time, now almost 4 years old. Today I heard “I need so many quarters and no nickels!” {👆🏻 in that shot} followed by her showing me how she learned to stop drop and roll at school today, proudly sporting her fire safety sticker to anyone who’d look. She’s this little person so rad and full of love {teaching little sis just the same} and I’m blown away at this exhaustingly perfect motherhood gig.
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Day 65 | 365 … The view today {and most days} after picking big sis up from school. I’m questioning a lot these days and am so grateful these two keep me grounded.
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Day 66 | 365 … Spent my day on call for work, mushroom hunting with the littles, and a solo coffee house visit where I observed the local hippies and got to talk on the phone with my oldest and best friend for over an hour uninterrupted. I never got called in but I’ll take those experiences over a fatter wallet. 🍄☕️
Day 67 | 365 … The girls and I ventured to a chilly 3500 feet today, hiking through lava rock to one of our favorite waterfalls before the road closes for the winter. There was so much enthusiasm to start off but it quickly declined to whining, bargaining, and a mild cold turned into a ‘crap she seems sicker than this morning’ pit in my mom-guilt stomach. I found myself questioning if dragging them outside all the time was really worth it while I was being used as a tissue and the third consecutive group I ran into said “boy you’ve got your hands full, huh?” But then we got back to the car, got buckled in, and I watched her smile while looking outside and say, “The trees are beautiful, the sticks are beautiful, and the lava is beautiful {pronounced bew-tif-uh’ 😍} Where are we hiking now?!” Thanks, kid.
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Day 68 | 365 … As mothers, we are building great cathedrals. We cannot be seen if we’re doing it right. And one day, it is very possible that the world will marvel, not only at what we have built, but at the beauty that has been added to the world by the sacrifices of invisible women. -Nicole Johnson {a bit of freelensing & fun with her newly gifted camera + a little quote that I needed to hear today}
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