Week 1 | 52 {365 Project}

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my photography.  My ‘voice’ and personal growth over the last six months of finding my niche and putting my dreams into reality.  I’ve decided to challenge myself further and do a 365 project (for those of you not in the know, that’s one photo a day for a year). I believe this will help me learn so much more about photography — composition, light, storytelling, and finding my true voice.  I’m going to be easy on myself with rules and use a combination of DSLR (mostly, I hope!) and iPhone shots, and the photographs will have a wide range of theme and emotion.  I’ll strive to produce not just a snapshot but a photograph worth remembering.

This first week I’ve learned that a) I am the crazy lady who takes her camera everywhere and b) I need to invest in a new camera bag because my crumb filled purse isn’t cutting it and my giant Nikon bag is way too huge, proving me to be the crazy lady with a camera at all times and  two giant bags.  So behold my first week, September 1-7 2015.  Follow me daily over at @littetreesphotography on Instagram.

Day 1 | 365 … She’s a musical one, my dear J. She sings surprisingly in-tune notes upon hearing any song, and eagerly dances to sounds such as birds singing and car engines revving.
Day 2 | 365 … He spent the morning in the chilly, wet woods. She greeted him at the door with a dry shoe and a smile asking, “so what did you bring me?”
Day 3 | 365 … One swing and two kids, they finally agreed to this. J hummed a happy tune while H kindly asked when it was her turn, hoping to swing about 10x higher than her current state. We all seem to learn a little patience from one another these days.
Day 4 | 365 … We had a little visitor over today who welcomed her sweet brother earthside yesterday. The conversation here between my daughter and her goes as follows… “So you’re a big sister now?” … “Yea, like you!” … “It’s good. Really good. Like you’re in charge.” 😉
Day 5 | 365 … We were the underdogs in a sea of yellow and green today. She yelled, “go Eags!” to any passerby in honor of dad’s hometown and granddad coming here all the way from Washington. Loyalty!
Day 6 | 365 … Today we celebrated the birthday of a really genuine, beautiful person. Years ago when we first met and I was in the midst of a battle with infertility she asked me, “don’t you have a daughter with beautiful long black hair?” When she asked me that I didn’t feel my usual despair, but hope and a sense of calm. A year later, my first black haired beauty was born. Today our children giggled and played tag together, and I again felt that calm while I simply watched and smiled.
Day 7 | 365 — She’s patient, this one. Her feisty little sis ate 90% of her macaroni while out to eat so she simply slumped down in her chair waiting for more to be served, commenting to her granddad about tackles and interceptions as she’s now an aspiring football player. She keeps me sane {most of the time}

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