The Free 52 – March ’17

Oh dear March, I just adore your blooms and your teases of summer (even if this particular March was a lot more winter like).

We started off the month noticing some flowers right away.  Always such a welcome sight after months of rain and snow.

We headed up to the mountains for a day with friends, and it felt a bit like we bid adieu to the snow.

I practiced some freelensing portrait work with with a great friend and fellow photographer.  I could freelens portraits all day everyday.

We got outside a lot. Exploring the property, and hiking on a rare day off together.  My soul food, as always.

The girls played make believe with dinosaur eggs, and they decided a part of our property was a ‘moss castle.’  I could truly watch them play and imagine all day long and be happy.  We visited a local cultural/natural museum, and the girls learned about Mount St. Helens and dinosaurs. More fuel for their imagination.

Finally we ended the month with a short jaunt through our favorite place to pick fruit in the summer and fall.

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4 Comments on “The Free 52 – March ’17

  1. Hey lady, how is every. single. one. of these so utterly magical and perfect??? I swear you take the cake for creative composition and your freelensing completely showcases that talent.

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