The Free 52 – June

It’s amazing that the year 2016 is already half over!  Between the average work days we’ve spent our month finishing a huge property project, camping, adventuring, and just being together.  So without further adieu, behold our month of June, freelensed.  Click on the link at the end of this post to follow the blog circle of talented, rad ladies!

21 | 52DSC_0963 DSC_1552 DSC_1573June Free 52DSC_1639 DSC_1658DSC_1169 DSC_1151DSC_1246

22 | 52

June Free 521 DSC_1982 DSC_1978 1-46 1-41

23 | 52

DSC_0987 DSC_0999-2 DSC_1086 June Free 522 DSC_1284-2 DSC_1263

24 | 52

DSC_1096 DSC_1634 DSC_1650-2 DSC_1667 DSC_1678 DSC_1676 DSC_0213DSC_0225-2 DSC_0262 DSC_0267-3 DSC_0307-2

To continue this blog circle, head on over to the talented Kristin Anderson Photography’s page (who just happens to be the mind behind this awesome little project).

4 Comments on “The Free 52 – June

  1. Stunning Images! Love the detail shots and your perspective!

  2. Wow, always so awesome to look through your photos, April! Love the two BW’s in the top quad. And the color stick fight with the two girls…man, that one is just plain precious/beautiful/amazing/timeless!
    Amazing work

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