The Free 52 – February 2017

February was slow around here. We started off the month with a fifth birthday (I didn’t freelens any of that, eek!) and a bit of illness which kept me very preoccupied.  Here is the girls the first week or two of February showing off some school work.  I felt it fitting to the paper heart theme supporting congenital heart defects throughout social media. <3 The second week of February we took a little sunset hike together on a trail about a mile from our home.  We call this ‘Quartz Mountain,’ as it’s full of crystals and quartz the girls adore. Mid-February we got baby chicks – a very looked forward to event around these parts!  Welcome to the family sweet Maple, Heart, and Yellow.  The last week of February was another busy one. I shot the next few frames on a potty break stop on the way home from a doctors appointment, hah!  Naturally I took many shots around the property.  My forever muse. I’ll end this post with a few from a client session I did.  I’m hoping brand myself with more freelensing this year & pretty darn excited about it! 

Continue on this blog circle by heading over to the lovely & talented Kristin Anderson Photography‘s page!

8 Comments on “The Free 52 – February 2017

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  2. You make me want to go outside and photograph every little detail.. THESE ARE STUNNING!

  3. Unreal!!! Love love them all so much. You are such a constant inspiration. And that cat of yours just kills me!

  4. These are so awesome! The chicks are so cute and I LOVE the puddle reflection! And the cat in the forest with you guys is just so awesome 😀

  5. Oh my goodness. Holding those baby chicks?! You got some gems there. Love all your images, but those just struck me this month. And those cat photos are sweet and interesting. Such a unique and almost mystical place for a cat to be with two girls. I love all the green around you. Beautiful beautiful <3

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