Snow Day!

Over the weekend my husband and I decided to take a drive.  I had worked 12+ hours the day before {him too, in the sense of being home alone with the kiddos ALL day} and we just needed to get outside, to be surrounded by the calm of nature.  We weren’t quite sure if the mountains had much snow, but we packed warm clothes and hoped for the best.  We didn’t even drive an hour up the road and suddenly the raindrops turned to big, fat snowflakes and I turned into what felt like a giddy teenager. We woke the girls up from a nap and their confusion immediately turned to gigantic smiles {my eldest has been asking for snow since July, no joke}.  It snowed an additional 2-3 inches just the few hours we were there, and I felt strong flashbacks of home & my childhood paired with new emotions and memories of this chapter we’re now writing as a family.  There is simply nothing more rewarding than seeing my girls develop a love and relationship with nature.

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