On Father’s Day

Father’s Day: a day I grew up not entirely celebrating.  I would thank my mom and tell her happy father’s day, as she had to play that role and did a pretty rockin’ job doing it.  But I still didn’t quite get it; until now.  You see, I met this guy 11 years ago.  He was handsome, funny, outgoing, and adventurous.  I watched him in nursing school as he cared for others and gave the shirt off his back.  I fell in love pretty swiftly, and we spent our early years adventuring, exploring, and dreaming.  But it’s funny how that love grows even more once you see the man your in love with become a father.  This man labored twice with me, soaking himself in the shower to put pressure on my hips, calming me and making me laugh between contractions, and crying with me as we met our sweet girls. He wore them in packs while exploring/fishing/hiking, teaching them the importance of the outdoors even as tiny babies, and still continues to constantly show them skills and the beauty of the natural world. He gets up at 3 am to answer cries for daddy when he has to be up for work in just a few hours, he makes pancakes while singing Frozen songs on his mornings off.  He stays up with the girls while they’re sick, encourages me to take ‘mamas night out’ when I’m overwhelmed, and he is the “best cook in the world” according to our 4 year old.  He teaches our girls unconditional love, kindness, and loving others no matter what.  I never quite knew this kind of love in a marriage and this kind of father to children was possible, and I can’t say enough that I am so grateful for this amazing, kind, awesome man in our life. Below you’ll find a collection of photos from this year that capture the kind of dad my fantastic & handsome husband is.

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We love you to the moon and back, my love!


5 Comments on “On Father’s Day

  1. These are wonderful, April! is Brad’s dad, you know I am really really proud of him too. 🙂

  2. What more can I say about my awesome, loving and adoring son who is every single word you wrote about him. These are pictures that forever will be treasured April . You have made amazing selections for you, Hazel and Junie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing and showing your love for my handsome and beautiful son.

    LOL, mom Sara…a very proud parent and Nana xoxoxoxo

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