A New Year

2015 was a big one for us. My littlest sweet turned 1 and celebrated on the bank of a river with our closest friends, my eldest turned 3 and spent her day hot springing and hiking followed by a giant ‘Frozen’ party with her best bud since birth. My husband and I celebrated seven years of marriage, ten years in total of being with my best friend. It’s been a road of ups and downs and kids keeping us up half the night, and although it’s been a lot work we are even stronger because of it. We hiked miles of trails through rainforests, deserts, and beaches. We slept under the stars dozens of nights. We caught {and released} so many fish, rowed miles of rivers. My sister and mother visited, and I went back home to Michigan to see my cousin get married – a visit that was personally very healing and a complete blast. I grew closer in many of my friendships, and I’m left feeling grateful for the connections that have been created through motherhood. We worked our careers welcoming so many babies into the world and helping those in a cardiac crisis. Full circle of life if you will. I pushed myself to finally make my dream a reality, and I started a business. I fell in love with photography, capturing people, and my own life. I learned in the ins and outs of my camera, lenses, and fell in absolute love with light. I juggled it all, juuuuuust barely, and came out knowing more than ever in regards to my style of photography and what I felt most passionate about {for me, my personal work}. We laughed a lot, cried a lot. My amazing husband was a rock in times of my insecurity, as he always is. We were thankful for good health & food in our bellies, a warm home & ridiculously wonderful daughters.  2016, my only resolutions to you are more patience and kindness for those around me, continuing to create but not compare, and to go outside daily. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Below is a collection of snapshots that first came to mind when I reflect on this year, images I’ll forever hold dear and show some of my growth as a person and photographer this year. Oh 2015, I just loved to to pieces.


{upper left image cred to my friend and fellow photographer Nicki of Three Sisters Photography – one of my fav pics ever!}


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